Italian Luxury and Elegance - Lana Gatto Yarns

Lana Gatto is a trademark of Tollegno 1900 - a prestigious name of the Italian industry, renowned for more than a century for its competence, tradition, innovation and high-quality yarns.

Lana Gatto's name is associated with the best quality, sustainability, and innovation. Each yarn ball is created to assure the highest quality standards. The company is socially responsible and tries to reduce CO2 impact by selecting sustainable production methods. Lana Gatto always tries to find new materials and processing techniques for products to make them always more natural, modern and performing.

At VILRITA you can find a wide range of Lana Gatto yarns - made from natural materials such as merino wool, mohair, silk. So let's explore Lana Gatto range together!

Lana Gatto Baby Soft - best what you can find for baby knitting!

This yarn is made from extra-fine merino wool and processed with Aloe Vera. The softness of this yarn can not be expressed by words. We all know that merino wool is very soft and ideal yarn for babies, but this Lana Gatto creation is even better. Try it yourself and we guarantee you won't be disappointed! 

Due the merino wool and Aloe Vera this yarn:

- is antibacterial

- has natural hydrating properties

- helps to maintain optimal body temperature

- is super soft and gives kids the best comfort

Lana Gatto Baby Soft created for babies but loved by everyone! 

100% pure merino wool collection: Lana Gatto Mini Soft & Lana Gatto Perlata D'Australia

Popular classic merino wool yarn. But due to their quality and softness, this yarn stands out from the rest.

Lana Gatto Perlata D'Australia is tried by many of our customers and they together agree that it is hard to find better thin fine merino wool yarn. This yarn is strong but also soft and lightweight. Many projects can be made using Perlata D'Australia - thin sweaters, dresses, cardigans or wrist warmers. 

Lana Gatto Mini Soft is a bit thicker extra-fine merino wool yarn. It is a new member of Lana Gatto family at VILRITA but already loved by many. Perfect for sweaters, dresses, caps or warm neck cowls. 

Both yarns are made from natural, not chemically treated merino wool. 

Merino wool helps to maintain optimal body temperature, and this is why this yarn is the perfect choice for winter! 

 Italian mohair with silk - Lana Gatto Silk Mohair

Yarn from Lana Gatto Luxury Collections. This yarn is made from the highest quality beautiful mohair that gives the thread hairy texture and silk which adds shine and lightness. 

The colors are adorable, which makes you want to grab needles and knit right away!

Silk Mohair Lux has a subtle glitter that makes them even more beautiful...

Lana Gatto Silk Mohair is a yarn that does not require complicated patterns or models... Yarn that is suitable for all seasons and all occasions...
Even a simple sweater knit from this yarn will look like the work of an Italian designer. Wear this sweater in winter on a beautiful dress or for long walks by the sea in summer evenings.

Charming and fashionable - Lana Gatto Olympic 

Curly boucle wool with transitioning colors. Unique and eye-catching.  

From one skein you can make a stunning scarf. 

Mix it with other wool or mohair yarns and create unique projects!


Combination of different fibers creates more choices for knitting

Wool and alpaca wool duet creates Lana Gatto Tender

If you'll knit a sweater from this yarn even the coldest winter won't be scary!

Merino and alpaca wool combo will warm and make anyone happy.

It's a superb yarn for oversized cardigans, warm scarfs, and neck warmers.

Merino wool and acrylic duet - Lana Gatto Aladino

Acrylic adds extra strength to the thread and makes the yarn very versatile. 

Not without a reason, this yarn is called Aladino. Like in the fairytale Aladdin's lamp can fulfill wishes, Aladino yarn can help you to realize all your knitting ideas!

Merino wool decorated with little viscose "pearls" - it's Lana Gatto Everest 

Not only fashionable stunning colors but also with little details that make this yarn even more wanted! 

Great yarn for comfortable sweaters, jumpers, dresses, scarfs. As you need to be well prepared to climb into Everest, so is you need to feel comfortable in everyday activities. We guarantee that with clothes knitted from Lana Gatto Everest you will feel comfortable and confident at everyday tasks. 

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