Knitting with Puffy is easy and fun! You can make a baby blanket in just one evening. 

Here you will find a detailed instructions how to make a blanket using braid knitting technique in 4 easy steps.



Choose blanket width

Finished blanket width will be the same as the loop thread that you start knitting with. For this pattern you need to choose even number of loops.

For a 80 cm width blanket count 50 loops. Start knitting with 51st.



First row


Start working from right to left. For the first row use simple knit stitch. Work all the stitches as knit all long the first row.



Second row

In the second row start making braid. Start working from left to right. Cross first two stitches so that the stitch on the right would be over the one on the left. Knit them. Repeat it with remaining loops. Cross all stitches in the same way.


Repeat 1st and 2nd rows until you reach length you want.




Start bind-off when you finish the row with crossed stitches. Bind-off from left to right. Pass the 2nd stitch through the 1st and pull upward. Work the other stitches in the same way.


That's it - you finished your Puffy blanket!

Video instruction