Lana Gatto Silk Mohair

Color: Silk Mohair / 6039
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Lana Gatto Silk Mohair Yarn is an exquisite blend that combines the luxurious sheen of silk with the delicate halo of mohair, elevating your knitting and crocheting projects to a new realm of sophistication and elegance.

Key Features:

  1. Silk and Mohair Blend: Luxuriate in the silky smoothness of high-quality silk seamlessly blended with the airy softness of mohair. This harmonious union creates a lightweight, decadently soft, and irresistibly touchable yarn.

  2. Lustrous Sheen: The natural sheen of silk imparts a radiant glow to your finished projects, adding a touch of luxury to every stitch. Your creations will exude a timeless elegance that catches the light and captivates the eye.

  3. Feathery Halo: The delicate mohair halo envelops your projects with a dreamy, ethereal quality. This subtle fuzziness enhances the texture and provides a soft halo effect, making your garments and accessories cozy.

  4. Versatile Fingering Weight: With a delicate fingering weight, this yarn is perfect for creating lightweight and airy projects. Whether you're crafting soft lace shawls, lacy garments, or dainty accessories, Lana Gatto Silk Mohair offers endless possibilities.

  5. Expansive Color Palette: Choose from a stunning array of colors that showcase the richness and depth of Lana Gatto's dyeing expertise. Find the perfect shade to express your style and creativity, from timeless neutrals to vibrant hues.

  6. Exceptional Drape: The luxurious blend of silk and mohair results in a superior drape and fluidity fabric. Your finished projects will gracefully drape over the body, creating garments as comfortable as they are stylish.

  7. Perfect for Special Occasions: Elevate your handmade creations for special occasions. Whether it's a wedding shawl, an evening wrap, or a delicate accessory, Lana Gatto Silk Mohair adds a touch of glamour to your most cherished projects.

Indulge in the unparalleled beauty and texture of Lana Gatto Silk Mohair Yarn. Let your creativity take flight as you craft luxurious pieces that exude sophistication and charm. Order your skeins today and immerse yourself in fine fibers and timeless elegance.



75% mohair, 25% silk

Ball Weight:

25 grams (0.88 ounces)


232 yards (212 meters)


Knitting Needles:

US 2 - 2.75 mm


8.5 sts = 1 inch


0: Lace

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